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Blogs To Read

The wonderful thing about the Internet is it’s always growing. The dreadful thing about the Internet is it grows faster than any one person can ever manage. Below are some hand selected blogs that you should be reading if you own a small company or write software. I will keep the list updated as I find more interesting articles and blogs that I read regularly.

  • Kalzumeus – Admittedly it took me about two years to finally pronounce the name of Patrick’s blog correctly. Fortunately, you don’t need to know how to pronounce it to find a whole wealth of information there about building a software business. Patrick has done it and writes extensively about it. His newsletter is not to be missed either.
  • Planscope – Brennan Dunn owned a software consultancy, left it, and started building a product named Planscope to help freelancers. In that time he has written a book and started The Freelancer’s Guild (I’m a member) along with a whole host of other products. His writing is clear and actionable.
  • Groove – Groove is a newer blog to hit the scenes, but it has made a splash both with it’s openness and actionable content. I highly suggest reading it several times over as it contains a ton of great information.
  • 37Signals – The poster child for building a successful (mostly) bootstrapped business, the 37Signals blog Signal vs. Noise contains a lot of helpful information. Their writing is less actionable these days as 37Signals grew.
  • Buffer – I have become a huge fan of the Buffer blog since I started using the Buffer application to post and track links on Twitter. Their app is great, but their blog is amazing. Tons of great content, and updated frequently by a wide variety of authors so you get lots of different ideas.